PTSA Scholarships

 The Clarkstown North PTSA will award up to ten $600 scholarships to
2022 graduating Seniors! 

Students may apply for a scholarship in one of the categories reflected below:


Creative Arts

Special Achievement

Extra-Curricular Acctivities

Community Service 

**Please note:  qualified candidates must be a PTSA member for both Junior and Senior Year

The 2022 Scholarship Application is now opened. Click below to access the instructions and form.

Inportamt Dates:

Application Deadline
March 1, 2022 2pm

Finalist Interviews the week of March 21, 2022

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 PTSA Scholarship winners!

We wish you success in all you do in the future.   We are so proud of you!


Richard Bialik           ~    Extra Curricular

Hernan Caceres        ~    Community Serivice

Juliana Feeney          ~    Extra Curricular

Sophie Finkelstein     ~   Academics

Shawn Kuriakose       ~    Extra Curricular

Logan Meda              ~    Academics

Jackson Poulin            ~    Creative Arts

Priyanka Ramanathan  ~    Community Service

Nicholas Shirghio        ~    Creative Arts

Andrew Post       ~    Special Acheivement

Bradley Post       ~    Special Acheivement

Sophie Weiss       ~    Special Acheivement

Click below for photo highlights from the 2019 Scholarship Presentation